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21st March - 21st June 2024 only, we are accepting submissions from talented poets from the UK who are looking to publish and perform poetry. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to publish a full-length manuscript for full distribution and a 50% royalty rate. Write Bloody requires that all authors be willing and able to tour with their poetry upon publication, at least 20 readings the first year of the release of their book. You can do 20 readings in your home town, or hit the road throughout the UK. Authors are also required to actively promote their book, including buying regular author copies at half price in order to reach your 500+ copy royalty payouts quicker. Your book will be coming out in 2026.


We ask that you please upload a Word document or PDF with no more than 5 total poems per author. Up to 8 pages in total.


You will need:

1. Your 5 poems - 8 pages max. (If you make it as a finalist, you will be asked to submit 20 poems, just a small portion of your final, full-length manuscript to be printed.)

2. A little something about you that only the founder will read.

3. A receipt of a Write Bloody UK book purchased online during the submission window.



-Please have one poem per page. 12 point font. Garamond preferred.

-If a few poems take up two pages, your submission can be up to 8 pages max.

-In the body of the email please include your personal info, hometown, submission title, short bio, social media handles/website if you have one. Do not put that info on your manuscript.

- Do not include your name on your manuscript

-PDF and .doc or .docx word docs only

-Title your doc and invent a submission title as follows: WBUK2024.SUBMISSIONTITLE.PDF or DOC or DOCX

-Send to along with a copy of your book receipt.



Send us the best stuff you got. Show range. Please do not put your name or personal information on the uploaded document as we would like to maintain a fairly blind submission process. Also, please refrain from including set-up or any kind of explanation of your pieces in the poetry submission. Please let the poems stand alone. Keep your bio to a short paragraph, please. 



We do not ask that you pay for your submissions. In order to help you get a feel for our press and to pay our editors, we ask that you please purchase a Write Bloody UK book online. Please include a receipt from one of the options to validate this.



The submissions are open only from 21st March through 21st June. No extensions allowed. By 31st July, our team of editors will read all submissions and choose finalists. From this group of finalists, we will ask for a simple video reading of an original poem to be posted on YouTube. You can use your phone. You can be creative or simple. It can be at a reading or in your living room or in a field. Have fun. The final video part of the submission process will be due 2 weeks later. The chosen new authors for 2026 will be announced at the end of August, for publication in 2026. All who submit will receive an email confirming acceptance.


Send us your best, unpublished work (up to 2 poems may have been printed in individual magazines or journals, but absolutely no work from any previously published full manuscript).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Good luck!

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