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Seven Women of Saturn

by Fern Beattie

Aged 27, Fern struggles with suicidal ideation after the breakup of her first relationship with a lesbian. Her depression leads her to discover the astrological phenomenon of Saturn's Return which prompts her to write the story of her life in order to understand the lessons she has failed to learn. Seven Women of Saturn explores relationships from the perspective of a young lesbian chasing straight, unattainable women, eventually tracing these impulses to their roots in childhood. It asks: can unhealthy patterns be unlearned in the retelling of our stories?

Praise for Seven Women of Saturn

"‘Be yourself without exception’ is an order that rings thrilling to any reader, and is something that Fern Beattie achieves effortlessly in her writing. Fern writes with the kind of soft precision that has the reader lost in the poetry of life. Seven Women of Saturn is a beautiful book." - Charlie Brogan, Co-Founder of The Rally

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