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Scorpio Szn

by Ella Sadie Guthrie

After the success of her pamphlet Poems For Pete Davidson with Broken Sleep, Ella Sadie Guthrie introduces us to Scorpio SZN: an exploration of love in all its forms. Named Scorpio SZN after the intense reputation Scorpios have garnered for being deep lovers with a penchant for revenge, in this book Guthrie explores the relationships that have shaped her through visceral metaphor and sometimes slightly unsettling imagery (with no mention of Pete Davidson in sight). What starts as a collection of poems about falling in love and the aftermath of it, quickly turns into an examination of how the past can make us who we are and how to overcome it. Get ready for heartbreaking declarations of love and surreal, out-of-this-world imagery grounded in the concrete memory of a Nike sports dress or the door of an IKEA flat-pack wardrobe. Playful yet raw, Scorpio SZN is the antidote for anyone who's ever felt bruised by love.

Praise for Scorpio Szn

"These are compelling, raw, living, breathing poems. Soft and vulnerable yet empowered, they fizz with lust and yearning and spin us around beds, ‘sulphuric mornings’, kitchens, mothers, daughters and sisterhood as well as offering vital questions for our current moment. They bring a mystical shine to the every day; the cheesy chips, the whatsapps and the fuckboys in concrete cities. This is a playful and contemporary voice. - Cecilia Knapp, author of Peach Pig and Little Boxes

"In Scorpio SZN, Ella Sadie Guthrie wills the reader into her material world, with a restless exploration of the personal, sharply anchored throughout with a celebration of proper nouns, content, and consumption. In a narrative that portrays the intimate, the technological, and the ecological all revelling in each other’s discomfort, Guthrie’s screen-time-induced poetry provides a distinct and memorable voice on love and loss. - Charlotte Shevchenko Knight, author of Food for the Dead

"The poems in this collection are intense, comedic, bloody, brooding, playful, self-aware; deeply Scorpio. Guthrie indulges us throughout - in pop culture, in intimacy, in reflection - to sink us in the Scorpio SZN of our dreams. - Katie O'Pray, author of Apricot

"A collection brimming with tender observations, sword-sharp wit, and moments rendered so vividly in poetry that you'll see them like scenes like a movie, Ella Sadie Guthrie has created a phenomenal testament to the heady heights and treacherous turns of loving in the modern world. Scorpio or not, you'll love these poems."

 - Peter Degraft-Johnson, the Repeat Beat Poet

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