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Small Machine -Demi Anter

Small Machine -Demi Anter

Berlin is a place where brazen ghosts wave to the living, where rock ’n’ roll suicides collide with family myths. Small Machine is an intimate portrayal of young womanhood and coming of age in an unforgiving city, the capital known as much for raucous hedonism as it is for Kaffee-und-Kuchen. Falling in love (and out) in Schillerkiez, clandestine encounters in smoke-filled Kneipen, nighttime dances by the Spree, winter depressions weathered, summer lakes plundered— no cobble is left unturned in Anter’s soaring debut.


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  • Praise for Small Machine

    "Tender, visceral, beautifully vulnerable.”Musa Okwonga, author of In The End, It Was All About Love.

    "Strikingly luminous and soothing. This book celebrates existing through the moments we once believed to be unbearable.” —Chanel Miller, author of Know My Name

    “A layered and joyous exploration of life in all its complexities. Gets you in the gut, the heart and the soul. A must read.” —Cat Hepburn, author of Dating & Other Hobbies

    "There are books that put you in another life and books that make you grateful for life itself — this one is both.”Erin Fornoff, author of Hymn to the Reckless

    “An achingly beautiful Berlin journey of colour and courage, coiled fear and love’s lushness, sunned summer skin and dawns of swirled raspberry; poems that grasp for the truest words and bring joy into the world.”Rory MacLean, author of Berlin: Imagine a City

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